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Digital Image Processing
Computer Vision is a branch of artificial intelligence and image processing concerned with computer processing of images from the real world. Computer vision typically requires a combination of low level image processing to enhance the image quality (e.g. remove noise, increase contrast) and higher level pattern recognition and image understanding to recognize features present in the image.
At Prismatic  
• Basic concepts and algorithms of computer vision
• Capabilities such as face detection, handwritten digit recognition, automated monitoring of
 activities, segmenting out organs or tissues in Ultrasound or MRI images, and sensing for control of  robots.
• Fundamental understanding of the geometry and radiometry of image formation, core image
  processing operations, as well as tools from statistical machine learning.
• On completing this course a student would understand the key ideas behind the leading techniques
  for the main problems of computer vision - reconstruction, recognition and segmentation - and have
  a sense of what computers today can or cannot do.
• MATLAB will be used in this course.
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