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Integrated CAD / CAM / CAE
CAD (Computer Aided Design) is digital creation, modification & visualization (3D model) of design. CAD rapidly explores design alternatives throughout the product development process to ensure low cost & high quality product.
CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) is planning, managing & controlling manufacturing operations. CAM is used to create a program/cutting tool path for CNC machines.
• Autocad
• PRO/E (Creo)
• Solid Works
CAE (Computer Aided Engg/Analysis) is analysing CAD geometry (digital prototype) and allows designer to simulate and study how the product will behave under diff conditions for optimization.
Course Objectives:
There has been a significant improvement in the CAD/CAM/CAE technology and its applications in past. More number of
industries in India and abroad are employing these tools as an effective way of enhancing efficiency and productivity. This has resulted in a great demand of personnel with knowledge of CAD/CAM/CAE and its applications.
Part Modelling
The solid based approach aids design productivity by simplifying construction of complex geometry, facilitating design change, automatically removing hidden lines and directly calculating mass properties.
Assemblies functionally allow you to work in multi user environment to layout, design and manage large mechanical assemblies. It shortens design time and improves design quality.
You can easily vary the lengths of members in the mechanism to study the impact of design changes and you can articulate the mechanism in real time.
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